Application for a Russian Tourist Visa Support

«Touristic Union «PLANET SOCHI» offers the clients all-round aid in registration of the visa for foreigners. On our site you will find the necessary information about the procedure of receiving entrance documents by foreign citizens to the Russian Federation. Our long-term experience in sphere of registration of visas in the Russian Federation allows offering you only high-quality service and over profitable conditions of cooperation.

Visa registration to Russia — a compulsory procedure for all foreigners, except for inhabitants of the countries of The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the countries with which the Russian Federation has the contract on simplification of visa regime — for them visa reception to Russia is not required.

The order of issue of visas in the Russian Federation is regulated by the federal legislation, administrative regulations of services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal migratory service, and as the international agreements. The basis on visa reception to Russia by foreigners is the invitation.

Visa registration in the Russian Federation occupies a lot of time and is interfaced to certain administrative procedures. The private persons and the companies not always have time for it. Therefore we offer you, to address to us for documentary support for entrance to Russia.

  • How to receive the visa to Russia?

The visa to foreigners is made out in consulates of the Russian Federation abroad. The basis for receiving document is the invitation issued by Federal migratory service or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • How long is the visa registration to Russia?

Registration of the visa to the foreigner is direct occupies from 1 till 14 days after giving of a package of documents in consulate. In certain cases accelerated registration is possible. For this service in consulate additional gathering is raised. Reception of the visa by foreigners is possible only at personal presence.

  • What documents are needed ?

At the reference in consulate it is necessary for foreigner to have the invitation – the basis for the delivery, the filled consular questionnaire, the passport with a copy of the first page, 2 photos, the medical certificate (if the visa in the Russian Federation repeated) and the insurance.

  • What is the registration of the visa to foreigners?

After visa reception to Russia and crossings of border it is necessary for foreigner to register it in hotel or to address in inviting organization within 3 days, not from the date of an arrival.

The Russian visa represents the document resolving stay in Russia during the certain period of time. In the visa there are entrance and departure dates and passport data, two photos are attached to it. Pay attention that the Russian visa is necessary both for entrance, and for departure. If you lose it or remain in the country of the term longer specified in the visa, at departure from the country you can face with the serious problems.

«Touristic Union «PLANET SOCHI» is engaged in registration of tourist visas for the foreign citizens, wishing to visit Russia.

The Russian tourist visa

This type of the visa is made out for the foreigners visiting Russia with the non-business purposes. Tourist visas are made out a maximum for 30 days (according to requirements of the Russian embassy or consulate). The tourist visa is the most suitable in case that you precisely know, where and how long you are going to stop without deviations from the planned route. For reception of a tourist visa you should have a confirmation of accommodation in the country for all period of your stay. For satisfaction of this requirement we will give you visa support and confirmation of your place of residence and a route. You should not reserve hotel reservations independently.

We are assured that, having used our services, you can estimate high level of service and quality of our work on advantage.