Sochi - is a resort of federal value and behind the scenes it is the summer capital of Russia. The lush subtropical vegetation, soft climate and warm Black Sea make it attractive for holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world. Only in Russia subtropical resort town stretches along the Black Sea coast for 145 kilometers. The area of the town is 3505 square km. The population is about 400 thousand people. The town consists of four administrative districts: Adler, Khosta, Central and Lazarevskoe.

Natural setting, environment and climatic conditions of Sochi‘s location are really unique. In fact, a health-resort Sochi in a body is a part of the State Natural National Park, and a part of Sochi has been included in structure of the Caucasian biosphere reserve not without reason.
90% of territory of Sochi are mountains and foothills of the Western Caucasus covered by boundless deciduous forests. Because of a soft climate, plants from all parts of globe are collected here.

The altitude of highest mountains is more than 3000 m above the sea level. Only here you’ve got an opportunity for simultaneous sun-bathing, sea baths taking and for mountain skiing.

A land along-shore the Big Sochi, from settlement Magri in northwest, up to the river Psou on border with Abkhazia squeezes through gaps between the Black Sea and piedmonts of the Western Caucasus.

Warm coastal sea currents, glen winds and breezes render softening influence on a climate, creating surplus of moisture under high summer temperature.

The network of mountain ridges protects coast from severe dry continental winds and creates a unique subtropical microclimate in this territory.