Nowadays rest and medical treatment at the Russian resorts are receiving a new status of quality. At present time you can both take a course of medical treatment and have a rest with the European service and comfort at reasonable prices in Sochi and at the resorts of the Black Sea coast.


  • Reception and accommodation in sanatoria, boarding-houses and hotels of Sochi and of the Black Sea coast
  • Reception and accommodation in the hotels of Krasnaya Polyana mountain ski resort
  • Conferences, seminars and exhibitions holding
  • Incentive tours
  • Active rest programs
  • Children`s rest organization

A 15-year experience of the company, knowledge of peculiarities of the offered tourist products make it possible to offer the clients the places of accommodation with the best correlation of price and quality. The guaranteed quotas in more than 300 objects of accommodation from Anapa to Abkhazia allow confirming the places even during «the high season».

Dear residents and guests of the resort Sochi!

     I was born and I grew up in Sochi. In my childhood it seemed to me, that all towns and cities are as beautiful as my native one.

Later, after visiting quite a lot of countries of the world, I have realized that Sochi - is a rear pearl! It is one of the few towns in the world, so generously endowed by God with the unique nature and truly magic spa springs. Being the most northern subtropics in the world, our town has got the right for holding the XXII-nd winter Olympic Games! This is already the fact that surprises! Very few towns of the world can boast of such range of geographical zones starting with subtropics and finishing with the zones of eternal glaciers. It is in Sochi, that you will be able to bathe in the warm Black sea in the morning, to enjoy the alpine motley flowers and mountain skiing in the afternoon and to have supper in a wonderful restaurant on the seaside while admiring the gorgeous sunset! And all this during just one day!

Sochi is rightfully called the southern capital of Russia. And now it is also the first town in the country, which has won the honor of hosting the participants and guests of the XXII-nd winter Olympic Games! All these regalias also make Sochi feel great responsibility. But with the hospitality experience of many years, into which we put our whole soul and love, we do our best so that everyone who has visited Sochi at list once would return here again!

I wish very much every guest of our resort to be able to discover our amazing town for himself and to come to love it the way I do.

     Meet you in Sochi!

General Director of «Touristic Union «PLANET SOCHI» Ltd.